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Kept at 55° | 70% Humidity | Backup Generator

Elmwood Self Storage & Wine Cellar has the most complete wine storage system in New Orleans, suitable for your every need. Whether you have a single magnum or many pallets of wine, we can store and safeguard your wine collection in our climate-controlled cellar.

We're not just a standard wine storage facility. No expense was spared in an effort to please even the most discriminating wine connoisseur. Starting at the exterior, we flew in a wine muralist from Chicago to hand paint a custom mural just for this cellar. The entrance to the 730-square-foot cellar is guarded by an exquisite bronze door handcrafted in Mexico and decorated with intricate brass grapevines. The etched glass panels, stained glass ceiling, and hand painted, hand-fired floor tiles were custom made specifically for the Elmwood wine cellar, as were the 70 mahogany lockers that come in three different sizes to accommodate up to 16, 32, or 64 cases of wine.

In addition to the primary mechanical system that keeps the wine cellar at approximately 55 degrees and 70 percent relative humidity, there is a second "clone" system that turns on in the event that the primary system fails for any reason. Further, our cellar has a $35,000 back-up generator that ensures continued electricity in the event of a power failure.

If you sell wine, one of the primary questions a buyer will ask is the history of how your wine was stored - Elmwood's wine cellar has a separate gauge that measures the exact temperature and humidity every minute of every day in perpetuity. The cellar can print out a report showing all tenants the complete background of how their wine was stored since the first day it arrived.

The cellar is accessible 24 hours a day through its own private entrance and biometric keypad.