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Let Us Pick Up Your Items Today

    You Pack It Up, We Pick It Up

  • What is Elmwood Valet Storage

    Elmwood Valet Storage is the next generation of storage. We make storing your stuff super easy. Pick-up when you want it--on demand! We provide free totes to store your goods. You pack ‘em up. We pick ‘em up. It makes no difference whether you have one item or an entire house full. We’ll pick it up for free!

    Your items will be stored in our high security facility. Want something back (all or just one item)? Just let us know & we’ll return it right to your doorstep--on demand! Consider us your “Attic in the Cloud!”

  • How Do I Get Started?

    After you’ve completed our contract form, schedule a pick-up date & time or call our office at 504-309-5757 to arrange by phone. We’ll take all of your items to our high-security facility for safe keeping. When you want one or all of your items, simply send us an email or call and we’ll schedule a delivery right away. It’s that easy!

  • Why Trust Us

    We are a locally owned and operated company. Enjoy free pickup at your doorstep with packing bins delivered to your home. Order items for redelivery from your comfy sofa too. Elmwood Valet Storage offers flexible pricing options too. There’s no bulky or unsightly exterior equipment sitting on your front lawn either.