Never worry about your package being stolen from your doorstep again!

You no longer have to spend any time worrying about package delivery!

We have partnered with the industry leading Luxer One to make sure you get your packages safely and efficiently without rushing to get home before our front desk closes. We have installed a secure package room in the building located just inside our 24 hour entrance door on the right side of the building.

How Luxer One Works

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· Order whatever you like online using our address and your Luxer unit number.

· Once your package has been delivered to the room, you will receive an email (and/or text message, if you opt in) with a one time access code to open the room.

· Enter your access code on the Luxer One touch screen outside the room, and the door to the secured room will open.

· Take your package out of the room.

· If you have multiple packages in one delivery, please pick them all up at once. If you have multiple deliveries, you will have multiple codes to allow access to the room.

Repeat these steps every time you receive a package! There’s no limit on how many packages you can receive through Luxer One. Access is granted 24/7.


The Luxer Room is monitored with inside and outside video 24/7/365, so you and your packages will always be secured safely.

Want to continue delivering to your unit?

Sign up for the DeLuxer Package for $20/month. Call 504-737-7676 for details.

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